Services of Trewitax

Trust services and accounting

Professionally done bookkeeping is a key element influencing success of your business.

Trewitax supports you in the financial matters of the company management. Whether bookkeeping, payroll accounting or special questions, like, for instance, payment collection, value added tax or financing advisory – we provide you personally with a dedicated support. In case of need, you can count on the expert knowledge of 100 employers of the Trewitax alliance.


We see ourselves not just as statutory auditors, but as your partner.

All companies of Trewitax at home and abroad are qualified to conduct any relevant audit in accordance with the respective national legal standards. The companies in Switzerland are registered with the the Federal Audit Supervision Authority and are authorized to conduct regular audits as well as special inspections.

Tax advisory

From a simple tax declaration to a sophisticated tax strategy.

Trewitax helps you to avoid, to reduce or to limit taxes to the bare minimum. We would like to use opportunities while optimizing your taxes and collaborate constructively with the tax authorities. Thanks to our cross-border Trewitax alliance in the D-A-CH-S (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol) region, we can look back on many years of experience in the international tax law.

Management consulting

Trewitax accompanies you from designing the strategy to its practical implementation.

The owners of Trewitax, in exercising their profession, are daily dealing with business people and have profound insights into the corporate life. Our partners or Trewitax owners support you in a very practical way in the development of your business, be it as a trustworthy interlocutor, executive-coach or as a member of the administrative board.

Cross-border consulting in the D-A-CH-S region

For the past 15 years we have been locally based and transnationally active.

Being represented in the D-A-CH-S region, we specialize in the questions of cross-border commerce between Switzerland, Germany, Austria and South Tyrol. Moreover, since 2005 Trewitax is a member of the Geneva Group International (GGI), a world-wide alliance of independent law offices, tax advisory and auditing companies and is able, therefore, to profit from this international expertise.

Transition & restructuring

Evaluating financial situation, as well as accompanying you during purchase or sale of a company.

The know-how and the operational supply chains form the basis of the corporate strategy.  We accompany businesses by doing a thorough financial analysis, for instance in the framework of a due diligence audit. Drafting a plan for measures as well as their implementation often takes place in collaboration with additional experts.