Geneva Group International

Worldwide services with Geneva Group International (GGI)

The Trewitax companies are members of Geneva Group International (GGI), a worldwide alliance of independent law offices, tax advisory, auditing and management consultancy companies. Renowned companies around the globe in more than 100 countries, with 1,795 professionals and over 19,500 collaborators belong to GGI.

With a fee volume of more than USD 4.2 billion, GGI ranks in the first ten recommended alliances in a worldwide comparison. GGI is present locally in all largest economic regions of the world: in France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy, in Austria and in Switzerland, in the Benelux countries and Scandinavia, in Poland, the Czech Republic and other East European countries, in Canada, USA and Argentina, as well as in Japan and Hong Kong, in Australia and New Zealand and many other countries.

GGI is not a network in the sense of the statutory auditors’ regulations of the European Union, since its members do not pursue common long-term business interests. Members of Trewitax alliance are legally and commercially independent from the other members of the Geneva Group International. For the mandates is responsible a respective Trewitax company and not any other auditing or tax advisory company, that uses the name «Geneva Group International (GGI)».

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