2017 – Bozen (I)

Office of Holzeisen Reich Oberthaler Putz in Dornbirn, South Tyrol joins the group.

2008 - Vorarlberg (Austria)

Office of Schrottenbaum & Partner from Bregenz (since 2015 SPT in Dornbirn) joins the group.

2005 - international expansion

The Trewitax companies join the international alliance of Geneva Group International.

2003 - Singen (Germany)

Establishment of Trewitax Wirtschaftsprüfungs GmbH in Singen.

2003 - Kreuzlingen and Zurich

The company in Kreuzlingen operates under the name of Trewitax Kreuzlingen AG and the one located in Zurich under the name of Trewitax Zürich AG.

2002 - St. Gallen

RCR – Group of Franz Broger and Hermann Rothauer specialized in the field of reorganization founds Trewitax St. Gallen AG.

1998 - Kreuzlingen

Bruno Faoro and Stefan Zürcher work in Kreuzlingen in a common office. In order to provide support for common clients from a single source, they found Trewitax GmbH.