Trewitax attaches a great value to business and social exchange with its clients and staff, as well as with the top managers from partner companies.


For clients

Events organized at our locations:

23.10.2017 in Kreuzlingen
18.09.2017 in St. Gallen
14.06.2017 in Zurich
27.04.2017 in Dornbirn
30.03.2017 in Singen

«3 x 30 min on international transfer prices between related companies»

November 26, 2015
«Trewitax and Art» in Kreuzlingen

March 21, 2015
«Reconstruction and Renovation» in Singen

March 10, 2015
«3 x 30 Minutes on Euro and Franc»
in Zurich

For partners

In the spring, a traditional two-day event for the partners takes place on the Lake Constance. Internal and external speakers report on the topical issues.

2018 Radolfzell

2017 Konstanz

2016 Radolfzell

2015 Radolfzell

2014 Insel Reichenau

2013 Konstanz

For employees

Once a year Trewitax employees get together for training and entertainment.

The location for the event alternates between various Trewitax offices.

2018 Bozen

2017 Singen

2016 Dornbirn

2015 Zurich

2014 St. Gallen

2013 Kreuzlingen